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At Euflora, we are passionate about cannabis. We believe when properly used, cannabis can transform lives by helping manage illness, enhance appetite, control chronic pain and alleviate many other symptoms that illness may cause. A good experience with cannabis starts with the right information, and our team of highly trained budtenders love helping Euflora customers on their journey. We are committed to delivering the best experience to everyone who sets foot into one of our dispensaries. Come say high!



We are a collective of boutique marijuana dispensaries in California and Colorado.

It is the goal of our knowledgeable and trained budtenders to offer each customer guidance in choosing the right strain or product to meet their needs.

Informally dubbed “The Apple Store of Cannabis,“ we offer a unique and comfortable experience, free from the confinements of a traditional dispensary. Our chic modern look combined with technology driven layout allows the customer to browse freely. At Euflora you can see, touch and even sample the aromas of the very products you wish to purchase. It is an experience unlike any other dispensary and one which makes our customers feel immediately at home.



Established in 2014, Euflora has been involved in the very creation of Colorado’s recreational cannabis industry since the very beginning.

We opened the first Euflora store in Denver, Colorado on April 2, 2014 and established ourselves as the one and only dispensary located on the popular 16th Street Pedestrian Mall. Since then, we have never looked back, constantly working to improve everything about our store. To date, we have had over a half million people pass through our doors at just this location.

In October, 2014, Euflora was honored to be the very first Recreational Cannabis store to open in Aurora, Colorado. Our Southlands dispensary located on Gunclub Road is unique because it used to be a bank before become a dispensary. Euflora’s owner likes to say, “banks wouldn’t lend to us, so we started buying banks.” Inside the Euflora Southlands store you will find the old bank vault has been repurposed into a showcase for our very own edibles line called District Edibles. It’s quite the sight.

Meet the


Pepe Breton

Pepe Breton is a veteran of the cannabis space in Colorado and a co-founder of the boutique dispensary group: Euflora.

Pepe started his journey into the cannabis industry in 2009 with a maxed out credit card and a dream.

After several forays into growing cannabis, and being a former part-owner of Kind Love dispensary in Glendale, CO, Pepe realized that he wanted to be on the retail side of the burgeoning new industry. Just as recreational marijuana was about to commence, Pepe found a storefront on the busiest street in Colorado: the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver.

Business was through the roof from day 1 due to pent-up demand from cannabis consumers around the world.

Euflora now has 4 stores, with 5 more under contract, a greenhouse and an indoor cultivation center.

Pepe’s small cannabusiness now employs nearly 100 people.


Our Customers

Euflora is fostering the growth of a cannabis culture that is creating remarkable positive changes in Colorado and beyond.

We are committed to helping improve the neighborhoods and communities that have welcome Euflora so openly since our earliest days. We participate in community outreach and work with the neighborhood groups and organizations to maintain safety, security and cleanliness. Education and Community participation are one of the biggest goals for Euflora to maintain a positive image.

We also take great pride in being able to give back. Euflora donates a portion of proceeds every month to charities in Colorado that are willing to partner with cannabis businesses to make positive change in our communities.

The “Apple Store“

of Cannabis

One of Euflora’s signature innovations was having the marijuana accessable to the customer in containers on display tables throughout the store. This allows you to closely examine and even smell the different buds without touching them. Next to each container is a tablet computer with detailed and regularly updated information about each strain. The result of this innovation is an open and inviting shopping experience unlike any other, and one that makes our customers feel at ease while browsing.
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